ATLAS Romania

·       ATLAS CERN-RO project details (2022-2024).

·       Romanian ATLAS cluster activities are partially supported by the Ministry of  Research, Innovation and Digitalization / Institute of Atomic Physics (IFA) through the ATLAS – CERN-RO contract

·       Members of the project are:

o   CO - IFIN-HH Bucharest

o   P1  - ITIM Cluj-Napoca

o   P2  - Politehnica University Bucharest

o   P3  - University Alexandru Ioan Cuza of Iasi

o   P4  - University de Vest Timisoara

o   P5  - Transilvania University of Brasov

o   P6  - University of Bucharest

·       Project manager: Călin Alexa, Particle Physics Department, IFIN-HH.


·       Internal meetings.

·       Publications and presentations to conferences.

·       Highlights:

o   ATLAS and the Higgs.

o   ATLAS Higgs Search Update (31 July 2012).

o   Latest Results (4 July 2012)  from ATLAS Higgs Search.

o   Update on Higgs search: seminar talk given by Fabiola on July 4, 2012.

o   Press release: CERN experiments observe particle consistent with long-sought Higgs boson.